Cosmetic dentistry in USA

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Cosmetic restoration (recovery) of the teeth is required in case of darkened enamel to if teeth are uneven or deformed.

Dental clinics nowadays offer great amount of cosmetic procedures that will ensure a nice cosmetic effect in case of such defects – as presence of big gaps between teeth, changing color and shape of teeth, darkened old fillings and many other defects.

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Cosmetic dentistry includes dental treatment using veneers - the finest porcelain cover is fixed on the front of the tooth and gives it perfect color and shape.

Teeth restoration
Tooth restoration returns natural function and aesthetics of dentition. During the restoration of the teeth our specialists use great variety of existing restorative materials to correct the defect putting each tooth into correct anatomical shape and position. Dentists mix different colors of materials to pick up the most suitable shade for your teeth..

Teeth whitening
If you want to have a dazzling smile, you can realize such dream with teeth whitening. This is a common procedure that is safe for tooth enamel. During whitening on the surface of the tooth is applied special gel that interacts with a plaque. Whitening is the prevention of dental caries. If it is necessary, dentist use fluoride ointment to protect teeth after this procedure

Professional teeth cleaning
Special program for professional cleaning of teeth - one of the newest developments of dentistry allows patients to ensure a safe, quick and painless cleansing of all surfaces of the teeth and between the teeth. Surface of the teeth is cleaned with a mixture of water and abrasive substances. Dental plaque, food debris, bacteria are easily removed from the surface of the teeth. After cleaning teeth are polished. Professional teeth cleaning can achieve the effect of whitening. Ultrasonic teeth’s cleaning is not less effective. Ultrasound gently affects the surface of the teeth removing plaque and dental calculus (dental tartar). Also, an ultrasonic tooth cleaning makes the surface of the enamel smooth.

After the procedure special ointment is applied to protect tooth enamel that is also important for human health.

Decoration of the teeth. SKYCE
Today SKYCE or dental jewelry is modern, stylish; it's the final touch to your natural smile. The decorations on the teeth draw attention to your smile.  
Skyce - it is small crystals adorning the teeth. The form of dental Skyce can have different shapes - stars, letters, smiles, drops, etc. Skyce does not damage tooth enamel, after removing the enamel remains healthy and smooth. Skyce can also perform sometimes additional useful function, for example, they can mask the damaged enamel on the tooth or darkened seal.

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