Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is the most popular type of aesthetic medicine. In order to correct their smile, famous actors and politicians, broadcasters, businessmen, beauties and fashionists consult dentists all over the world. More people, who are taking care of their appearance, make several times the whitening of the teeth or their restoration. The reason is simple, face is a business card of the person, and it can be well presented with a snow-white smile.


Aesthetic dentistry is one of the most demanding artistic sections of dentistry. In aesthetic dentistry there are three main concepts: the tooth restoration, reconstruction and transformation. Aesthetic dentistry has a variety of tools that can make your smile dazzling. Aesthetic dentistry is based on the reproduction of the natural shape the dentition, as well as the qualities of teeth: its clarity, gloss and structure. Aesthetic dentistry is first of all restoration of teeth, after which you get a beautiful smile without using of prosthetics.


Every case of teeth restoration is unique. The main task of dentist is to renew the shape of the damaged tooth. Qualification and talent allow doctors to perform the restoration of teeth at a highest level. In addition, restoration of teeth is special technology where special materials are used: composites and compomers. Composites are widely spread for restorations and may be used for 15 years. Compomers have good aesthetic qualities and are recently used for dental restoration.


The wide color palette of modern materials for restoration allows choosing the most natural color for the renewed tooth. The result of the restoration of teeth is an imitation of the natural enamel. Also during the treatment specialists can change the shape of the teeth, this will make your smile more attractive. Restoration of teeth can be done during the first visit to the dentist. Thanks to modern method of tooth restoration you can quickly return your amazing smile. 


Nowadays, dental clinics provide a full range of esthetic services for wellness and beauty of your teeth:

  • Straightens the teeth and changing their shape,

  • Restoring of the damaged tooth,

  • removal of old darkened fillings,

  • removal too large or narrow spaces between the teeth,

  • Professional whitening.

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