Decorations for teeth (Skyce, crystals on the teeth)

Decorations for teeth (Skyce, crystals on the teeth)

Today SKYCE or dental jewelry is modern, stylish; it's the finishing touch to your natural smile. The decorations on the teeth draw attention to your smile by their unusual brightness and help fully express your personality.


So what is it Skyce? Should I also have it?

Skyce are attached to the surface of the teeth without destroying the integrity the enamel, without tooth preparation, so it is completely harmless.


Skyce does not damage tooth enamel, after removing the enamel remains healthy and smooth. Skyce can also be useful, for example, they can mask the damaged enamel on the tooth with darkened seal. Decorating can also be set on an artificial crown or veneer.


Peculiarities of installation.

Do not forget that first of all Skyce is a strange body in the mouth, so will have some time to get used to it. As a rule, you will feel decoration on the teeth for the first few hours, and then you’ll get used to it completely.

Skyce can be made of variety of materials starting with ordinary glass and ending with crystal, precious stones such as sapphire, ruby or diamond - all up to your taste.


Choose your Skyce

Precious stones are fixed more thoroughly. So it is better to put them on crowns or veneers for not to damage the integrity of the tooth enamel. Besides, diamond Skyce inside the tooth reacts to changes of temperature, causing pain. This is a case, when simple glass is better than a diamond. These factors should be considered while selecting "Stone", which should shine on your teeth.


Dental hygiene and decoration

Oral hygiene is performed traditionally using either electrical or your usual toothbrush.

Making a decision to do rhinestones on your teeth, you have to understand that it is additional sites for the accumulation of food, the appearance of plaque. Therefore, with the patient is discussed in detail the need of careful oral hygiene.

The decoration on the teeth is kept depending on how well you take care of your teeht: if you regularly brush your teeth, then under your Skyce will not accumulate plaque. In such a case, it can "live" in the mouth even for a year.

For keeping Skyce on your tooth as long as possible it is necessary to observe a few simple rules:

  • do not chew nuts and other hard foods;

  • Try to bear chewing load from decorated tooth to others.


All dental jewelry, whether it is made of precious metals, natural or artificial stones can be removed completely by the dentist at any time.

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